How to Setup and Install WordPress Project on localhost?

How to Setup and Install WordPress Project on localhost?

WordPress is widely used CMS because of its easy process of installation, setup and data management. Now WordPress is more easy to customize and manage data because of flexible and user-friendly plugins and themes like Elementor, Divi, Astra theme etc. User can easily launch their website with less effort and knowledge of coding. I will try to help all the non-tech users who can follow these steps and publish their site online.

Prior Requirements

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  •  MySQL version 5.6 OR  MariaDB version 10.1 or greater.
  • Xampp Control Panel

Setup Process:

Step 1:

You need to download wordpress files from website. You can download WordPress from You can find download button on site like below:

Step 2:

You will receive .ZIP file of WordPress files and packages. After downloading WordPress files, you need to place that .ZIP in C:\xampp\htdocs folder (If you are working on local machine).
If you are working on live server, you need to place .ZIP file in root directory. That is, under public_html/

Step 3:

Replace folder name with your project name. Let’s assume folder name as ‘myfirstproject’

Process to connect WordPress with Database

Step 4:

Now before moving ahead for the next step, you need to start local server (Apache) and MySQL option to start.

Step 5:

Now, run the command on web browser like http://localhost/[yourprojectname]. once you run this command you can see below screen. Here my path will be like http://localhost/myfirstproject

You can select your native language from here. Default language will be English.

Step 6:

Once you will click on continue, you need to create a database from where you need you need to get database name, database username, password and database host details.

NOTE: Remember, this information will be saved in wp-config.php file which can be found here: C:\xampp\htdocs\myfirstproject\wp-config.php and you can edit them according to your database information.

Steps to create Database: (Steps for local machine)

Step 7:

Open phpmyadmin in web browser http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
Now, to create new you need to click on new button. Please find initial screen from where you can create database.

NOTE: Give proper database name that describes your project then click on ‘Create’. See below image.

Step: 8

After creating database, you need to fill the database information in wordpress like below:

NOTE: In local machine, default username is root, password should remain blank and Database Host should be localhost. See how to create and connect database on live server?
Once you can press run the installation button, your wordpress will connect with your database.



You need to provide following information:

  • Site Title – that can be your domain name or business name.
  • Username – You need to provide username for admin login. This username will be used to login your admin panel/dashboard.
  • Password: Admin login password (Don’t forget to copy password in text file)
  • EMail ID: Enter mail ID, in which you will get all update notification mails.


Once you install WordPress, you will get success message like this and now you can login to your your admin dashboard to build/customize your website.

Ready to check your website now. URL should be like: http://localhost/myfirstproject/

Still Confused? Get Help!

WordPress is very easy to setup, install and to build a site and it is 100% FREE available. As per the latest statistics in 2021, 35% of the internet is powered by WordPress. It’s easily available by one download click. If you are still not getting output, you can contact Parinshi for detailed help.

Thank you everyone!

Dhruvanshi Maharshi

Freelance Full Stack Developer

How to approve or reject product using WCFM plugin?

How to approve or reject product using WCFM plugin?

WordPress is widely used CMS now a days, as a experienced web developer, I would like to share some helpful blogs. Today, I would like to share about how you can approve/reject products using WooCommerce Front-end Manager Plugin.

Prior or Basic Steps to Start with Product Approval

Note: Product approval/rejection can be done by Admin only. Store manager and Admin can add products See How To Add Products?

Mainly, you have two options to approve products using WCFM plugin. 1. You can directly approve from received email and 2. you can approve manually from admin side. Before you follow the steps, please check the Publish Products and Auto Publish Live Products option is set to OFF in capability section.

OPTION: 1 Approve Product from Email

Admin will receive an email after store-manager/user will upload their products. Once you will click on product name from your received email, you will be redirected to product page from where you can approve OR reject the product. ( See below – Step No. 4)

OPTION: 2 Product approval from admin side, manually.

Go to wordpress admin
[yourdomain name]/wp-admin/
Follow the below steps :

  • Click on Marketplace Tab (See below image)
  • You will see store manager page. Click on notification board (see below image)
  • Once you will click on Notification, you can see the list of products awaiting for review (Example: Product THU VÀNG awaiting for review)
  • You need to click on product name. Check below image.

Once you will click on product name, you will see 3 options available at the bottom of the page:

  • Preview
  • Reject
  • Approve

From above options you can approve product if you want to show on your website. Or you can reject.

  • After approval you can see your product on your website.

Still not successful? Get Help

WooCommerce and WCFM Plugin is useful and easy to manage. Keypoint about this plugin it’s 100% FREE. It’s easily available by one download click. I have tried to mention step by step process to approve or reject products. If you are still not getting output, you can contact Parinshi for detailed help.
Thank you everyone!

Dhruvanshi Maharshi

Freelance Full Stack Developer